Fire Prevention and Public Education

Fire prevention and public education are the primary concerns for our department. We have attempted to reach as many people as possible through a broad range of fire safety programs, many of which are explained below.

We believe that an educated community is our most valuable asset and we begin that education process with the children. We conduct a variety of fire prevention classes for the students of local schools each year. Visits are often arranged to coincide with National Fire Prevention Week. These demonstrations and programs are geared to educate the children about “Stop, Drop, and Roll” techniques, proper use of the 9-1-1 telephone number and Exit Drills In The Home (E.D.I.T.H.) in case of a fire. Each child is provided an opportunity to explore a fire engine, try on our firefighting gear and ask questions.

Group and foster home safety inspections are another important service provided to the public. These homes are inspected to insure they meet State of Ohio fire codes. Possible fire hazards and any other problem found must be corrected before they are certified to operate.

Private homeowners wishing for a home safety inspection are encouraged to contact us. These inspections are provided free of charge and can assist you in identifying possible fire hazards within your residence.

Local merchants and organizations benefit from our on-site fire extinguisher training programs. These programs are designed to furnish hands on training to employees who may encounter a fire prior to arrival of the fire department. Larger corporations may request additional fire suppression training should they wish to develop an in-house fire brigade.

Since 1985 more than 5000 smoke detectors have been distributed through the combined efforts of the Westwood Ruritan Club and our department. Many of these detectors and proper installation were offered at no expense to the homeowner. Anyone living within our response district and in need of a smoke detector is encouraged to contact us. Detectors are $6.50 each or free to those in need.


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