Dry fire hydrants are designed to allow rural fire departments quick access to water sources during any time of the year. These sources include ponds, lakes, canals and creeks. Unlike a municipal hydrant system which is under pressure, dry hydrants are not pressurized and rely upon a fire pumper truck to provide for the water’s movement.

Since 1985, the Wooster Township Fire Department has installed over 30 of these hydrants in key locations throughout our fire district. Without these hydrants, our trucks would be forced to travel great distances in search of available water.

Some area homeowners have noticed a reduction in their insurance rates thanks to the placement of neighboring dry hydrants.

Funding for these hydrant systems has been provided by the Firefighters, Township Trustees and property owners.

If you live within our response district and have an interest in installing a dry fire hydrant, please contact us. We would be glad to examine your water source and provide you with additional details.