In 1984, a group of concerned scuba divers saw a need for an underwater search and rescue unit within Wayne County.

With donations from foundations, corporate gifts, private concerns, and endorsements from several county agencies, this unit became a reality.

The Wayne County Underwater Search and Rescue Team (which is now known just as the Wooster Township Fire Department Dive Team) is mobilized through the Wayne County Justice Center (Central Dispatch for Wayne County)

The team provides search and recovery of drowning victims, stolen vehicles and property of Wayne County residents, as well as evidence such as weapons and articles used in criminal activity for law enforcement agencies.

The team has also assisted several of the county’s fire departments in installing and maintaining dry hydrants in our area lakes.

The main philosophy of the search and rescue team is to promote safety through endorsing such programs as, “Learn How to Swim,” and ice safety, which can be administered through our local schools, Boy Scouts, and other youth organizations.

If you have any questions, concerns or request information about the dive team please contact: Commander Jim Imhoff at 330-264-9786